Silverlight Game Competition – $5000 prize

Submission deadline is April 30, 2009 

Check it out: 


Too bad I can't participate (I'm not eligible because I'm Microsoft employee)

Whoever reads this, please do your best! Thank you! 🙂

I'll still be doing my own game thingie in the meantime, even without a chance to win $5000


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  1. Yeah, same here. Would love to submit the game I put up live on Saturday (, but I’m also a Microsoft employee.

    By the way, your "Anatomy of a Silverlight Game" document contained some very helpful pointers. I like your solution to the cheating problem.

  2. uditha says:

    Is 3d silverlight games are allowed in this compatition?

    With the Silverlight 3 relese.

    And wht are your comments about making next big 3d game on the web using sillerlight.

    Also is XNA API going to be use in Silverlight for 3d?



  3. nikola says:

    to uditha:

    I think 3d Silverlight 2.0 games are allowed on the contest: please check the terms of the competition for the complete description of what is allowed.

    About the "next big 3d game in Silverlight": my personal opinion is that 3d games have a bright future with Silverlight :), as it seems RIA apps become more and more popular. There are some Silverlight 3d kits already (such as, which has room for improvement), and a Silverlight port of Quake ( that definitely looks promising! 🙂 You could try pinging the author of QuakeLight directly for more information. I noticed that you’re working on MForce, which looks pretty cool from the screenshots you’ve published.

    About XNA api: I don’t know what the story is there. I encourage you to check or scottgu’s blog ( for the latest public announcements.

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