Ray Tracing in Silverlight

I had some free time today and did this:

I'd like to note that LukeH made the core raytracing engine in C#. He built it using linq and the code looks very elegant .

I did the "Silverlight" part of it. There are some things to think about with ray tracing in Silvelright - see the links at the bottom for more info.



Source Code

How to Build?

Official Silverlight Raytracing Page


Comments (2)

  1. Martin Kirk says:

    Hey Nicola

    I’ve fiddled some with your raytracer…

    i managed to reduce the tracing to 2.5sec on a quadcore using backgroundworkers

    using more threads helps a lot !

    I was actually inspired by your tracer, to think of the idea of distributed raytracers…

    just imagine all clients of a site, rendering stuff while visiting 🙂

    you could even build a whole 3d-studio where people would render eachothers frames !

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