Converting RTF on the Clipboard To XAML

Here is a simple function that will convert RTF data on the clipboard to XAML:


        /// <summary>

        /// Returns the text contents of the clipboard as XAML

        /// </summary>

        /// <returns></returns>

        public static string GetFormattedXamlFromClipboard() {

            System.Windows.Controls.RichTextBox box = new System.Windows.Controls.RichTextBox();





            return System.Windows.Clipboard.GetData(System.Windows.DataFormats.Xaml).ToString();



Now you can easily copy-paste C# code and retrieve it as XAML, syntax highlighting preserved.


A better example would be converting an RTF file to XAML. To do it you have to load the file in a RichTextBox and then use this line:

return System.Windows.Clipboard.GetData(System.Windows.DataFormats.Xaml).ToString();


to extract the XAML.

For information on working with WPF RichTextBox: loading, saving data and such - see here.


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