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I’m very happy to announce that I’m moving this blog to Click here to visit the new blog: Click here to subscribe to the new blog: In the last few weeks I was quetly posting in the new blog on in order to entice people to move there πŸ™‚ What do you get…


Exposed: 5 methods to create game loop: which is the best?

Edit: fixed broken links What is the best method to create a game loop? I created a small experiment comparing 5 different animation methods. The results, along with code samples and test screenshots are summarized in this document: 5 Game Loops in Silverlight: Which is the best? (PDF) 5 Game Loops in Silverlight: Which is…


Nice background image

My latest creation last night… space view of a planet on a starry background The image is 1920×1440 Hope you like it πŸ™‚ Feel free to use it as your desktop background, if you like πŸ™‚ planet1.jpg


Large Star Field – Take 2, how to make it look "deep" and more reallistic

Check out the new starfield and compare it with the old one. Edit: thanks to fashai for pointing out an issue, I updated the code again – now the stars no longer form straight lines if the Silverlight control was invisible for some time. Also updated the speed algorithm, to be more close-to-nature πŸ™‚ Source and demo below show…


Large Star Field in Silverlight – Taste of Game, Part 2

Edit2: After posting this, I made a significant improvement on the star field… will post it tonight. In the new version there’s more sense of depth not just “dots” like the one below. The star speed and brightness now is calculated better (based on square of the distance and correct view angles). See the next update tonight…will…


Silverlight 3 Speed Optimizations – The Ultimate Game Loop!

Edit: this post is now replaced by the more in-depth view here:   Nice! I just ported my Shock game to Silverlight 3. Getting the graphics to work as before (and better), took me about an hour reading through docs. But the changes took about 5 minutes. I’ll just list them here for you in case…


Human Movements – The Easiest Motion Capture File Format

This is the second post of the “Reallistic Human Movements with Silverlight” series. I’ll spend a little time talking about the .bvh file format structure. I’m still working on the code and that’s why I’ll make this post short in order to get back to the mocap code. There is a link to more relevant…


Reallistic Human Movements in Silverlight – My Own Motion Capture Viewer!

Hoho! yes! How to make reallistic human movements in Silverlight?  Check out this stickman animation demo here: Download source code for the above sample in the attachments to this post below. You’re looking at 3D realtime animation of stick man figures using motion data found on the internet. The motion capture viewer took me the…


Silverlight: Super-fast Dymanic Image Generation Code (Revisited)

I decided to give a third spin of Joe Stegman’s dynamic image generation code. This time, it’s many times faster (about 10x) than the original implementation and the png is generated in-place (no recoding necessary). I used some hacky optimizations πŸ™‚ For example, replacing the big CRC loop with a constant (0), definitely improves speed…