Create a new Orchestrator Runbook Activity

  1. Download "WiX Toolset  v3.5"  from the link: . Download Wix35.msi


  1. Download - "System Center 2012 – Orchestrator Component Add-ons and Extensions" from the link :  Download :


  1. Now create a "Hello World" class library.

 We will need to have reference to "Microsoft.SystemCenter.Orchestrator.Integration.dll" in our class library which is installed at  “C:\Program Files (x86)\MicrosoftSystem Center 2012\Orchestrator\IntegrationToolkit\Lib”). The class file looks like : 

namespace OrchestratorSDKExample
    [Activity ("HelloWorld") ]
    public class HelloWorldActivity
        private string hwinput;

       [ActivityInput("Hello World Input")]
        public string HWInput
            set { hwinput = value; }

       [ActivityOutput("Hello World Output")]
        public string HWOutput
            get  {
                char[] arr = hwinput.ToCharArray();               
                return new string(arr);

Compile the class and keep the dll ready. 

For more doubts, you can refer to the link:


  1. Now we need to create an Integration Pack. 

Start the Integration Pack Wizard. Click Start > All Programs > Microsoft System Center 2012 > Orchestrator >Integration Toolkit > Orchestrator Integration Pack Wizard. 

For more help use the link:


  1. Now, to deploy this integration pack in our orchestrator, use Deployment Manager . Following are the steps given in the link : ,


We can now see our custom  integration pack in the activity Pane and use it


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