Entity Framework Interview Question – Explain ENUM usage in EF5

Entity Framework 5 introduced support for Enum’s amongst other new features. This was a long awaited feature by the community.To learn how enums work with entity framework, how can you code them, how to use them, how they are represented in the database, head over to my Explain ENUM usage in EF5 on my programming…


Entity Framework – what are the different ways to configure database name?

Entity Framework allows you to create a model (either using code-first approach or modeling tools) which can target an existing database or create a new one. So what are the different ways you can use to configure which database to use? How to name it? Read my blog post on my programming interviews blog to…


Entity framework interview questions compiled

Entity framework is a hot topic these days. With the release of EF 5.0, it has moved into big leagues. Even though things are now very advanced, it pays to know and understand the basics. Refer to the following 4 posts to refresh your concepts on Entity Framework. Entity Framework interview questions Entity Framework and…


Programming interview questions with answers covering ASP.NET, jQuery, JAVA, SQL, LINQ, Entity Framework and Regular Expressions

Having a bit of time in the last few weeks, I managed to hammer out some more detailed posts on my programming interview series blog. Here is the table of contents for easy reference: Introduction Introduction to technical interviewing Technical Interview Process – 30,000 feet overview So, what can be asked in a programming interview?…


Entity Framework transaction scope examples

I just posted examples on how to use transaction scopes with entity framework on my programming interviews blog. In this post, I cover three cases in which transaction scope is being used to show rollback when an error occurs during an update of multiple entities: when you have multiple save calls to the context; when…


Entity Framework Interview Questions

Today, I started the Entity Framework Interview Questions on my Programming Interview series blog. Check them out: Entity Framework interview questions Entity Framework and eager loading of related entities interview questions Entity Framework and lazy loading interview questions