How to answer algorithmic programming interview questions

Most technical programming interviews have at least one or more programming whiteboard exercise. Almost all of such questions require you to explain your thinking on whiteboard and then design and explain your algorithm or function on the whiteboard in real time. So how do you answer algorithmic questions and make sure that your thinking and direction…


Data migration strategies and design patterns

Data migration is an extremely common operation in software design and development. Whenever a new system is introduced or a legacy system is redesigned, existing data has to be moved from the legacy system to the new target system. Learn more at Data migration strategies and design patterns on my programming interviews blog.


Design and Architecture interview questions with answers

Urmila Singhal has written very detailed and interesting posts on how to interview for a technical program manager role. Interviewing to become a Program Manager from a different role: Introduction to what are the skills needed to become a Program Manager – Is project management like parenting? – Interviewing for a program manager Part…