Overall interview evaluation parameters for a software engineer/architect

When giving technical interviews, either as a software engineer or software architect, you are not only evaluated on technical prowess but also on a bunch of other factors that make a good or not so good hire.    Read more about this on my programming interview blog at http://www.programminginterviews.info/2013/11/overall-interview-evaluation-parameters-for-a-software-engineer-architect.html

How to answer software design interview questions

n the previous post on How to answer algorithmic programming interview questions, we discussed a templated approach on how to solve algorithmic questions. In this post, we will explore similar steps that will help you think in the correct direction while solving design questions. Read more at How to answer software design interview questions on my programming…

How to answer algorithmic programming interview questions

Most technical programming interviews have at least one or more programming whiteboard exercise. Almost all of such questions require you to explain your thinking on whiteboard and then design and explain your algorithm or function on the whiteboard in real time. So how do you answer algorithmic questions and make sure that your thinking and direction…