Overall interview evaluation parameters for a software engineer/architect

When giving technical interviews, either as a software engineer or software architect, you are not only evaluated on technical prowess but also on a bunch of other factors that make a good or not so good hire.    Read more about this on my programming interview blog at http://www.programminginterviews.info/2013/11/overall-interview-evaluation-parameters-for-a-software-engineer-architect.html

How to answer software design interview questions

n the previous post on How to answer algorithmic programming interview questions, we discussed a templated approach on how to solve algorithmic questions. In this post, we will explore similar steps that will help you think in the correct direction while solving design questions. Read more at How to answer software design interview questions on my programming…

How to answer algorithmic programming interview questions

Most technical programming interviews have at least one or more programming whiteboard exercise. Almost all of such questions require you to explain your thinking on whiteboard and then design and explain your algorithm or function on the whiteboard in real time. So how do you answer algorithmic questions and make sure that your thinking and direction…


LINQ design interview question

LINQ is one of my favorite interview topics for many reasons. It allows me to check a candidate’s ability to define logic, use SQL skills, showcase lambda expressions, distill the problem into easy steps and of course, see some code in action. Also, since LINQ code is generally quite compact, it is perfect for white…

Big list of LINQ interview questions and answers compiled

I have had a number of users ping me asking about writing interview questions on LINQ. I actually have a 8 detailed posts on LINQ interview questions. Here is a compilation of the posts:   LINQ interview questions part 3 LINQ interview questions part 2 Entity Framework interview questions LINQ JOIN interview questions LINQ SKIP…


Entity Framework Interview Question – Explain ENUM usage in EF5

Entity Framework 5 introduced support for Enum’s amongst other new features. This was a long awaited feature by the community.To learn how enums work with entity framework, how can you code them, how to use them, how they are represented in the database, head over to my Explain ENUM usage in EF5 on my programming…

Entity Framework – what are the different ways to configure database name?

Entity Framework allows you to create a model (either using code-first approach or modeling tools) which can target an existing database or create a new one. So what are the different ways you can use to configure which database to use? How to name it? Read my blog post on my programming interviews blog to…

How to populate a database table with text from a file

Learn about loading text from a file into a database table on my latest blog post on SQL read text from a file at my programming interviews blog (Direct link: http://www.programminginterviews.info/2013/03/sql-read-text-from-file.html )

SQL self join or sub-query interview question (employee-manager salary)

One of my favorite interview questions that tips even seasoned SQL guys (maybe because it’s too simple) is around querying data that involves a self join. Question: Given an Employee table which has 3 fields – Id (Primary key), Salary and Manager Id, where manager id is the id of the employee that manages the…


Advanced programming interview questions and answers

Here is a refresh of my posts on advanced programming interview questions and answers   Lost in a Forest of Trees The Ins and Outs of a Binary Search Tree Simple Patterns: Singleton Pattern Simple Patterns: Repository Pattern Simple Patterns: Factory Pattern Implement a basic Stack using linked List Implement a Queue data structure using…

Data migration strategies and design patterns

Data migration is an extremely common operation in software design and development. Whenever a new system is introduced or a legacy system is redesigned, existing data has to be moved from the legacy system to the new target system. Learn more at Data migration strategies and design patterns on my programming interviews blog.


SOA interview questions and answers

Learn more about SOA interview questions at http://www.programminginterviews.info/2013/01/soa-interview-questions.html on my programming interviews blog.


Distributed vs Parallel computing

If you wanted to learn about the key difference between distributed vs parallel computing, check out my new post http://www.programminginterviews.info/2013/01/distributed-vs-parallel-computing.html on my programming interviews blog.

How to Boost your Self-Confidence

Having confidence is a very important part of your life. As a human, a developer, a leader you need to have confidence in yourself. Read more on how to boost your self confidence on my programming interviews blog – http://www.programminginterviews.info/2013/01/how-to-boost-your-self-confidence.html.


Design and Architecture interview questions with answers

Urmila Singhal has written very detailed and interesting posts on how to interview for a technical program manager role. Interviewing to become a Program Manager from a different role: Introduction to what are the skills needed to become a Program Manager – http://www.urmilasinghal.com/2012/11/interviewing-to-become-program-manager.html Is project management like parenting? – Interviewing for a program manager Part…