Programming Interview Questions on C++, ASP.NET, C#, SQL and LINQ


Reached a milestone today on my quest to make better interview questions with answers. Here is the latest list of programming interview questions on my Programming Interviews Series blog.

  1. Introduction to technical interviewing
  2. Technical Interview Process – 30,000 feet overview
  3. So, what can be asked in a programming interview?
  4. Beyond the Code
Beginners programming questions
  1. Simple coding questions–Part 1
  2. How to find if a number is a Palindrome?
  3. Linked lists demystified
  4. Recursion–concepts and code
  5. Linked Lists – Sorting, Searching, Finding Maximum and Minimum
  6. Reverse a Linked List
  7. Searching algorithms–Linear search
  8. Binary Search
  9. String manipulation can be fun
  10. String pattern matching
  11. String functions galore
  12. Pass by value versus reference in C#
  13. How to find if a number is perfect square
Advanced programming questions
  1. Lost in a Forest of Trees
  2. The Ins and Outs of a Binary Search Tree
  3. Simple Patterns: Singleton Pattern
  4. Simple Patterns: Repository Pattern
  5. Simple Patterns: Factory Pattern
  6. Implement a basic Stack using linked List
  7. Implement a Queue data structure using a linked list
  8. Operator overloading and pairing rules in C#
  9. LINQ Query, Selection, Partial Selections and Aggregations
  10. Explain System.IO and System.IO.Compression namespaces with an example
  1. How to redirect user to another page using ASP.NET
  2. Return different HTTP response codes from Response...
  3. Tracing page execution in ASP.NET
  4. ASP.NET page validation controls
  5. ASP.NET 4 site navigation using sitemaps
  6. How do you serialize an object to and from XML
  7. Manage state across entire application in ASP.NET
  8. How to monitor file system changes using FileSystemWatcher in C#
  9. ASP.NET @ Page directive
  10. How to add HTML Server Controls to a Web Page Using ASP.NET
  11. ASP.NET AJAX using UpdatePanel control
  12. ASP.NET Session modes explained
  13. Explain ASP.NET data binding using DataSets and DataSourceControls
  14. ASP.NET HttpModule explained
  15. ASP.NET HttpHandlers
  1. jQuery AJAX functions part 1–the load() method
  2. jQuery AJAX functions part 2–get(), post(), getScript() and getJSON()
  3. jQuery AJAX functions part 3–ajax()
  4. Differentiate between alert(), prompt() and confirm() methods
  5. jQuery fadeIn, fadeOut and fadeTo effects
  6. jQuery Selectors reviewed
  1. SQL Select Where Interview Questions
  2. SQL GROUP BY and HAVING clauses
  3. SQL CASE statement examples
  4. SQL IF-ELSE and WHILE examples
  1. LINQ - Group, Sort and Count Words in a sentence by length
  2. LINQ interview questions
  3. LINQ SKIP and TAKE interview questions
  4. LINQ JOIN interview questions
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  2. BikramJeet says:

    Hey hi Nikhil i have just started reading and i desperately need to catch the eye of the recruiter for more than 15 seconds. SO please blog on how to create a Catchy Resume.

  3. BikramJeet, there are many websites dedicated to creating great resumes. Always focus on presenting your projects truthfully and in a way that makes sense to the recruiter. It should be written in a way that addresses the needs to the job you are applying.

  4. Aarohi says:

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    Hello Nikhil.

    Thanks a lot creating such a useful post.  It really helped me . Also , Can you create similar kind of post for SQL  Interview.   Preferably SQL Server .

    That will be helpful for lot of people

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  11. Johnny Boy says:

    Love the questions! Here’s a few more I think you should consider adding to your list too:


  12. devendra mishra says:

    Technical sound is really important for fresher to crack interview. …..becouse without life project its hard to proof ourself in programing sector

  13. Ajeeth says:

    Hi Bru,

    You make learning and reading addictive. All eyes fixed on you. Thank you being such a good and trust worthy guide.

    Attached is the CampaignList.rdlc file and a screenshot of the report generated by the CampaignList.rdlc file.
    In the screenshot, the report does not have the top border in the Tablix header.
    How do I set Tablix to appear the top border in the header? ASP .Net

    Can you show the setting in a video?

    Excellent tutorials – very easy to understand with all the details. I hope you will continue to provide more such tutorials.

    Best Regards,

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