Commerce Server 2007 Staging Error : "Error occurred with the database StagingLog.mdb"

Yesterday I came across a very strange Commerce Server Staging error at one of the production boxes of the customer am working for. Strangely, for some reason, the Staging server stopped and started to throw out the below error:   Event Type:        Error Event Source:    Commerce Server Staging Event Category:                None Event ID:              61208 Date:                    …


Using HttpModules to perform a SSL switch on web pages

A common requirement of any secure website is to make sure that when a user traverses to a "sensitive" part of the website such the login page, the password reset page or even the personal profile page which might contain contact detail you would want the user to be forced onto a HTTPS secured page….


Commerce Server 2007: Accessing multi-valued custom properties in UserObject of Profile System

The MSDN’s Managing Profiles section of the commerce server gives an in-depth view of the working of the profile system and the steps needed to create custom properties for the UserObject. The Extending the Profile System section gives out detailed steps to extend the profile system. A frequently searched topic is to create, save and…


EntLib 3.1 DAAB: Be careful with the ExecuteReader

The EntLib 3.1 is simply superb, right?! Well, I would give a typical consultant answer… “It depends!”. It depends on the developers who are using it and it depends on motivation of the developers to know the component before “copy-pasting” code and method calls. Case in point is the exceptionally well written Data Access Application…


Commerce Server 2007: Catalog Import Error for Large Files

When you are trying to import a large catalog into the commerce server catalog system you might come across this error: The import failed because the import file is larger than the maximum size allowed on your server.  Contact your system administrator. The solution for this to open up the web.config of CatalogWebService and then…


HttpHandler to Authorize File Downloads – C# Code Sample

Its quite a common scenario to have a feature in a web site to check for the credentials of the user before allowing a particular download. For example, there might be some documents which should be visible only to a set of users and not to any others. This document might be anything – a…


.NET 2.0 Symmetric Encryption Code Sample

One of the most common problems when developing any web site if the need to use Symmetric Encryption to save some data in the Cookie so that it can be looped back to the user’s session / identity. .NET provides a very robust mechanism in which this can be achieved and supports the most well-known…


Commerce Server 2007 Code Samples – Catalog System and Basic Catalog Search

I did some qualitative analysis of the referrals of my blog, and found that a majority of the search terms are for Commerce Server Code Samples or for Commerce Server API usage samples.Though some very good code samples are available at the Microsoft Commerce Server Product Unit blog, it is extremely difficult to get hold…


Multi-Threaded Web Service Calls – A C# Code Sample

Sometimes it becomes necessary to call an external web service in a multi threaded manner to speed up processing of records that we have in a buffer so that the overall time spent in waiting for the calls to return is reduced. The high-level steps to perform are: Though we can have a long philosophical…


Commerce Server 2007 SetJoin API

The official documentation for the commendable SetJoin API in commerce Server 2007 seems more like a class reference without any code samples or introductory material into the way SetJoin should be used. So here’s the “low-down” as to how a SetJoin API needs to be developed. A fully tested and working version of the C#…