Visual Studio 2008 released

With a lot of fanfare, VS 2008 and .NET 3.5 released on Nov. 19th. Talking to customers and early adopters, I have received a lot of positive feedback on the product. Check out the excitement in the blogsphere: With more than 400 comments (and counting), customers seem to be certainly excited about the announcement of…


Performance tips for the BCL

This is a good article on performance tips of the .NET Framework Base Class Library – I learned something new about lock-free tracing and DateTime comparisons. The great numerical comparisons of generic Vs non-generic collections, for reference and value types, is a good read. Generics (as expected) perform better than their non-generic counterparts.


VS 2008 and SharePoint Workflow

The “Orcas” release train has been keeping me busy. For a long time I have been thinking of blogging about the feature that I worked on in Orcas. As the title of this entry suggests it is a VSTO feature that has to do something with SharePoint Workflow. Firstly, lets look at SharePoint (also referred…


VSTO file type mapping is lost

Some people have been running into this issue with VS2008 Beta 2 as posted on the MSDN forum. I am posting a workaround here for everyone’s reference. When you change the default program for the .vsto file extension, VSTO solutions cannot be deployed again. You will have to reset the default handler for .vsto file back to VSTO Execution…


VS 2008 Beta 2 has released

This is a significant milestone in the VS 2008 development cycle. Almost all our features have completed in this broadly available public release and you can expect a significant upgrade in features when compared to Beta 1. If you haven’t already got a copy, download one from here. Are you a little intimidated with the…


Performance Signatures

Today I attended an interesting talk on Performance Signatures by Rico Mariani. According to his experience, a high proportion of performance related problems are due to: Bad choice of algorithm Dependencies we take on other frameworks or platforms. He talked about the second problem in detail. He proposed a mechanism of using performance signatures to…


What have I been reading?

A good read for developers: How to be a Programmer: A Short, Comprehensive, and Personal Summary. Check it out here: Other books that I think every developer should read: As the name suggests, this book provides some great pragmatic advice on programming. It is a very easy read and is helpful resource whenever I feel I’m not…


Bill Gates’ Harvard commencement speech

I’ll take an exception form the technical tone of this blog and comment on a a great speech by Bill Gates at the Harvard commencement ceremony. It touches on a very important subject – all of us in our small, little way, can make a huge difference to a complex problem – let’s do what we can – donate…


Enabling remote desktop remotely

I do not remember how many times I have tried to connect to a remote desktop using terminal services, only to realize that Terminal Services are not enabled on the machine. I found this article recently on how to remotely enable remote desktop. This trick worked just great for me even without restarting the remote…


Give feedback on "Orcas" feature specifications

In the last few years, blogs have been largely instrumental in increasing transparency into Microsoft. From celebrity ex-Microsoft blogger, Scoble to the over 3000 bloggers now on MSDN blogs, we have been sharing more and more details of our development processes and technology bits through our blogs. Why is this important? Generally, at Microsoft, development cycles…