Enabling and Disabling AutoRun in windows explorer

I use an external hard drive on my Windows XP box at home. What bothers me is that everytime I turn my hard disk on, the Explorer Shell starts its autoplay dialog. It scans the drive to determine the type content on the drive  (audio, video etc) and suggesting corresponding programs to open the content…


This is where i work – Visual studio building

Visual Studio Building – Building 41 – Image added using Windows Live Writer. I decided to try some of the new features of Windows Live Writer (beta). It allows me to search a location, find a map, and add it to a blog post without leaving the application itself! I am also surprised at how many great plug-ins…


My Dash of smartphone

I recently got myself a T-Mobile Dash aka HTC Excalibur. It is indeed a lovely piece of machine – a great usable QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, Edge, touch-sensitive Jog Dial – you name it, it has it. All this is packed in a very sleek, elegant package. One of the best things I like about the…


Office 2007 Developer Roadmap

The Office 2007 system is a truly extensible platform for creating applications. There are some great new features for developers in the latest release. There are now so many new technologies (ribbon customisations, XML file formats, Outlook form regions, SharePoint workflow support) coming out with this release that it can get difficult to get the bigger picure….


VSTO 2005 SE BETA is out!!

VSTO 2005 Second Edition (SE) Beta (codenamed “Cypress”) has been released on the web. I had been working on some of the features for this product and let me briefly highlight some of the great features that we are offering: Addins – Excel 2003, Word 2003, Outlook 2003, Visio 2003 and PowerPoint 2003 – Complete design time support – its…


Windows live writer

This is my first post using the Windows Live Writer. I found this tool really slick – extremely lightweight, no frills, easy to use. It took me under 5 mins to install it, set my account up and get this post done. It even intelligently downloaded the template used by my blog giving a great…


Refreshing assembly being loaded by IIS

Recently I have been working with a project that requires me to place an updated assembly in the GAC and ensure that IIS (Sharepoint) picks up the new assembly. I have been looking to do it programmitically and interestingly there are a number of alternatives: 1. Launch IISReset.exe /RESTART : However, this does not give me sufficient control and…


Cypress – Between Whidbey and Orcas

Recently I had been working on VSTO 2.5 codenamed “Cypress”, which includes runtime support to enable VSTO 2.0 customisations to keep running in Office 2007. I had been working on the ListObject runtime compatibility of it, to ensure that databound ListObject keeps working in Office 2007. Apart from this, there are some cool new features…


Singleton Pattern- Non-trivial implementation concerns?

Back again to blogging – lets see how long will this spurt last. Hopefully for a longer duration as i get deeper into technology and find more interesting stuff to share. The singleton pattern is interesting. Recently, while working on a project, I had to make use of it. I always believed that it was…


Complex databinding in detail

Currently, I am working on the ListObject control, one of the view controls shipped as part of VSTO 2005. It allows an office developer to perform complex databinding in an excel worksheet. When I started working on ListObject, I realized I needed to have a very sound understanding of complex databinding. That got me started exploring. I will…