Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 and “Dublin” Announcement

Microsoft announced via Steven Martin’s blog significant improvements to the existing Windows Server capabilities in the form of enhancements to both the .NET Framework and extensions to the application server role, codenamed “Dublin”.   Following are new set of enhancements which you may see in .NET 4.0 and Window Server application server role enhancements code…


SaveFileDialog doesnt show up in Vista

Recently I was writing an Add-In for Visual Studio 2008 and I came across requirement for saving a file as an Excel file. No big deal as it looked to me!!   I happily wrote the helper function, but to surprise, it didn’t work on Vista SP1 while it was working on Windows Server 2003….


Red Gate Acquires .NET Reflector

Our beloved .NET Reflector is now acquired by Red-Gate Software… An agreement between Red Gate and Lutz Roeder will place future development of .NET Reflector, the popular class browser for .NET developers, in the hands of Red Gate. Red Gate is maintaining a free version of the software for downloading at Check out the…


IE8 Beta2 is out !!!

Today Microsoft released Beta2 of Internet Explorer 8. The browser is available in English, German, Simplified Chinese and Japanese, and will follow with another 21 languages in mid-September.  You can download IE8 Beta 2 now at   To get a feel for the new IE8 experience, check out the videos here, download the product,…


Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

 On Aug 11th, Microsoft announced the release to manufacturing (RTM) of the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and Visual Studio 2008 SP1. The two service packs make it even easier to develop applications for the latest platforms, with new features such as the .NET Framework Client Profile for faster deployment of Windows applications, multiple enhancements to…


ASP.NET Virtual Earth Control

Finally ASP.NET Virtual Earth Control is out. You can get the CTP version from If you want a quick starter, have a look at


Sharepoint Virtual Earth Webpart

So you want include functionality similar to live Search map in a webpart. The process is very simple since webpart can easily act as a container for any control and at the end of day VE Map Search page also contains bunch of VE and other controls.   So here is what will try to…


Sharepoint Webpart Deployment

Initially when I first created a webpart for Sharepoint/WSS, I was kind of confused with the number of development and deployment options and kept on wondering for a while for the way to go. You can and should develop the webpart using Visual Studio but you have option to derive from Sharepoint webpart class or…


How to: Sharepoint Silverlight Webpart

People now-a-days are vying for rich user experience and WPF and Silverlight are no doubt the winners atleast from Microsoft Technologies perspective. Standing in the same league I thought of writing an article for creating Silverlight web part for Sharepoint but later found that my colleague has already done that. Why re-invent the wheel :)…..


Next Major Internet Wave

It’s a fascinating to think about the Future of the Internet Web. Internet started as a small thing and now has become ingrained part of our lives. It all started with basic internet web and then organizations realized the possible potential and created portals to increase their reach using World Wide Web. Then came in…