Commerce Server on Channel 9

Ryan, Mark and Max chatted about Commerce Server on Channel 9. Check it out here.


Commerce Server 2006 Beta 1 is Live

It’s done. It’s official. It’s live. Our gift this holiday season to our customers is the Beta of the most advanced eCommerce release ever from Microsoft – Commerce Server 2006. The Commerce Server 2006 Beta 1 is now publicly available on the web. Download it and start playing with it – we are dying to…


Autonomous Vehicles – Coming soon to a road near you!

Looks like the time for autonomous vehicles is drawing near. A team from Standford recently managed to clear nearly 132 miles in the Mojave Desert in six hours and 53 minutes as part of the DARPA Grand Challenge competition. The amazing part was that 4 of the 5 teams completed this huge course in under the…


Microsoft Giving Campaign and the action northeast trust

As some of you might know, currently the Microsoft Giving Campaign is going on which encourages employees to donate to the charity of their choice. Amazingly the campaign managed to collect $32.7 million in cash last year. I just find that really amazing. Kudos to everyone who is a part of this and any other…


Sudoku and other tools

Found these neat freeware utilities recommended in the latest issue of the PC World magazine: CutePDF Writer and ExplorerXP. The reason I love CutePDF is because it uses a nice way to export any document into PDF format – simply print it out (to the CutePDF Writer). And ExplorerXP is great just because it shows…


Commerce Server 2006 in the news

Looks like Commerce Server 2006 is getting some news coverage here and here. Things are warming up nicely – get ready for a fabulous Beta release coming up in a couple of months.


Whidbey End Game

Looks like the Whidbey end-game is starting, in spite of any and all requests for a Beta 3. Shawn has written a great post detailing the hardships behind the end-game and what all processes are followed at MS to try and minimize these. These are pretty much the same across the whole of Microsoft, including…


(This Title has only got blanks and tabs and spaces…)

I knew someone would stand up one day for the rights of those poor old whitespaces. Such a pleasure to see that someone has taken the time and effort to come up with the first whitepace-friendly programming language, aptly named, “Whitespace” (please ignore the fact that this was done in 2003 and that I just…


Putting Mapping on the Map

Seems like the world of mapping is just exploding. Now we have a bunch of stuff coming out with Virtual Earth, including this cool integration of the world of digital photos and mapping by Nikhil Kothari with his PhotoMap. And if that doesn’t get you excited, check out the real estate world put up on…



Ran into the BusMonster site through a post by scoble (which weird as it is, I am not able to find a link to) and am just fascinated by what a cool little tool this really is. Really slick looking and functionally compelling at the same time. A great example of the brave new world…