Bing Operators

One of the lesser known facts is the different operators that you can use when doing searches on Bing. As an example you can do a noalter:microsft search to turn off the alteration service which alters {microsft} to {microsoft} by default. Of course these are more useful when used programmatically, say via the Bing API….


Bing it on!

After 3 years with the SQL Server Data Tools team, I have moved onto another exciting chapter within Microsoft, by joining the Bing team. I will be working in the Relevance team as a Test Lead and even though it’s just been 2 weeks into the team, I am loving every moment of it! I…


ADO.Net Entity Designer in VS 2010 – Stored Procedure Return Type Shape Sensing

The Entity Framework in .Net Framework 4.0 contains a bunch of new functionality mentioned here and here. This blog post will talk about some of the details of a lesser known feature in the the Entity Designer in VS 2010 which enhances user productivity by enabling discovery of the return type of stored procedures from…


Visual Studio 2010 is NOW available!

After a couple of grueling years, one of the biggest and best releases of Visual Studio is out – Visual Studio 2010. Please download and take it out for a spin. It’s been an extremely gratifying experience to have been part of the team that shipped Dev10! On the Entity Framework front, this is a…