The BEST Silverlight sample of them all…

Oh well...I am biased since I worked on this...but I really think this is a COOL demo of silverlight and AJAX and what eCommerce scenarios can look like.


I especially like the use of videos which I was initially skeptical about but I think can actually influence the impulsive buyers a lot while creating a really immersive shopping experience for the other visitors as well. You will of course need to install Silverlight if it's not already installed on your machine.

Here is a page with video on it.

And on this page you can see a sunglass and zoom in easily and see various colors etc. of the sunglass via hovering. Try adding to shopping cart for a very snazzy UI experience as well.

All in all I think it is a great demo - Kudos to everyone who worked on it!

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  1. John Cosper says:


    This is awesome.  I’m a Grad Student at UNR and gave a demo of Silverlight in my ASP.NET class, but didn’t see this until now.  I would have loved to show this.  I’m trying to build an ASP.NET app with a shopping cart but am having a hard time because I’m new.  Do you mind telling me how you did the shopping cart in Silverlight? I’d love to surprise my teacher by doing my project in Silverlight instead of "just" ASP.NET.   Thanks!


  2. Hi John,

    I would suggest posting this request to the commerce server MSDN blog for a better response:



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