Commerce Server 2007: How to use a predefined tracking number for placing an Order?

An often asked question while working with the Order system in Commerce Server has been whether it is possible to use a predefined order number instead of having the Order system generate it for you. The answer is Yes and here is how you can do that.


Generally what is referred to as “order number” is just a friendly string by which the placed order can be uniquely identified (the unfriendly way is to just use the OrderGroupId). The actual property name on the OrderGroup class which corresponds to this is the TrackingNumber property. In the default processing of the order, when the Basket.SaveAsOrder() method is called the Basket is deleted and the PurchaseOrder created. This is also the time that the TrackingNumber property either gets populated with a system generated value (which is basically a sequential numbering based off the IdentityCounter table value – and yes it does take care of a web farm scenario and no – it is not guaranteed to use every number in the sequence, for e.g. an IISReset among other things can cause this numbering to jump) depending on whether the property has been set on the Basket or not. So if you wish to use a predefined value, simply set this property on the Basket before invoking SaveAsOrder() and your value will be carried forward to the PurchaseOrder. If you do not explicitly set this property on the Basket the Order system will populate it for you with a numeric value converted to string. One thing to keep in mind is that there is no SQL constraint for the uniqueness for this property, so the onus is on you to ensure this unique when you set it on the Basket. Otherwise you can potentially end up with 2 Orders having the same TrackingNumber “12345”.


Sample code:


              Guid uid = new Guid(CommerceContext.Current.UserID);


        Basket myCart = OrderContext.Current.GetBasket(uid, "myCart1");

        myCart.TrackingNumber = "12345";

        PurchaseOrder myOrder1 = myCart.SaveAsOrder();


        myCart = OrderContext.Current.GetBasket(uid, "myCart2");

        PurchaseOrder myOrder2 = myCart.SaveAsOrder();


        //Now myOrder1 has a user configured TrackingNumber of "12345"

        //and myOrder2 has a system configured TrackingNumber (something like "6001")

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  2. Ralf Hoeppner says:

    Very helpful posting!! Thanks a lot!

  3. birendra says:

    Really helpful posting.



  4. Chris Pearce says:

    Many thanks.

    Is there a way to get the unique tracking number that is allocated by myCart.SaveAsOrder() before saving the basket as a purchase order? I only want to save a basket as an order if it has passed credit preauthorisation, but need to pass in a tracking number as part of the preauthorisation request.

    I realise that I could write my own tracking number allocation code but wanted to see if I could leverage the code used by Commerce Server.

    Thanks in advance,


  5. Hi Chris,

    Sorry for the delayed response, I was OOF on vacation.

    No – you cannot know what the number will definitely be due to a variety of reasons such as web farms etc.

    If all you want is a unique ID for this Basket you can use the OrderGroupId. Once the Basket is converted to a PurchaseOrder this field value would get copied over to the PO.BasketId property.

    Hope that helps,


  6. Prathibha says:

    Is there a way we can reduce the pool from 5000 to 500 or so?

  7. Hi Prathiba,

    The answer is No – this value is not configurable.



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