Alan Faulkner joins Blogdom

A big welcome to Alan Faulkner who is a fellow tester on the Commerce Server team and will be posting (infact already has!) some very useful stuff concerning Data Warehousing (like how to setup DWA in CS 2006 Beta on SQL 2005), Commerce Server BizTalk Adapters and other CS areas in CS 2006.


Among other things in the world of CS 2006, if you have a CS 2002 site which you are trying to migrate to CS 2006 Beta, there are a bunch of issues that you need to be aware of and most of these (some rather nasty ones to figure out) should be covered in the CS 2002 to CS 2006 Beta Site Code Migration Whitepaper which is now available for download through the connect site. This is something you just have to go through if you want to save yourself time. Here is how it is described:

This draft document describes the process of migrating a Commerce Server 2002 with Feature Pack 1 single server installation running the Commerce Server 2002 Starter Site to the Microsoft Commerce Server 2006 Beta. It lists the various steps required and the various issues encountered during the site code migration process. These steps are meant to be used as guidance while migrating the original Starter Site to Commerce Server 2006 and will not be the complete set of modifications required to get your site functional.

CS 2006 Beta has lately been in the news a lot as well and you can get a list of some of the coverage from this posting by Ryan.

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