Aadi Ashok Kaul

Don't know if I've ever been this proud of anything so much - feel like screaming at the top of a mountain and letting the world know - I AM A DAD!
Wow! Feels great and feels like life will never be the same again (and am sure it won't as many have told me)!
Here are the official stats for my son Aadi Ashok Kaul:
Name:    Aadi Ashok Kaul
Date:      Feb 2, 2006
Time:      7:44 PM
Place:     Overlake Hospital Bellevue
Weight:   7 Lbs 8 Ounces
Height:    20.5 inches
You can read Aadi's Hello World message (including the meaning of "Aadi") and see some of his birth snaps here.
Welcome to the world Aadi!
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  1. David O'Hara says:

    Congratulations!! Being a father is the most amazing accomplishment in the world.

  2. Carol Hu says:

    Congratulations for the official release of your son 😀

  3. A Basuri says:


  4. A Basuri says:


    I’m a new comer to the world of CS trying with Commerce server 2006 in VS 2005 on Windows OS 2003 . I’m facing  a strange problem when trying to creat a new Commerce C# ASP.NET Web Application in VS 2005, after showing the new web site creation wizard on clicking OK Commerce Server Project Wizard comes and on clicking NEXT it gives an error message  as "Unable to create the Web ‘http://localhost/WebSite‘. Visual Web Developer does not support creating Web sites on a SharePoint Web server". I’m working on the remote machine where the OS 2003 and all these are installed along with Sharepoint Server. I’m unable to figure out why this problem is coming ? and why it is asking for sharepoint server, rather that IIS server or Commerce Server?



  5. Hi Basuri,

    I would suggest you post your query to the CS 2006 Beta Newsgroup – a lot more people will be able to help you out that way.

    Haven’t seen this issue off so don’t really know, but something to check would be if IIS is installed on the box you are trying to create the web site on. Also when choosing to create the new web site are you choosing the Location drop-down as "HTTP" or something else?

  6. A Basuri says:

    Hi Adi

    IIS is installed on my machine and when i’m choosing the "HTTP" option to create the CS Web App it’s giving the error.

    Can u please suggest me a good CS 2006 Beta Newsgroup where I can put my query coz’ I have searched some of them ,in some comments and query section is disabled even for the members and in some there is no such section is avilable, only u can see messeges from admin.


    Antaryami Basuri

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