How to test a delete operation?

Question to the community: How can you best test a delete operation? For e.g. When you test the following API – DeleteObjectFoo(“ABCD”) – what should we test to verify that this function actual deleted “ABCD”? This API is just a placeholder for an API that deletes something. The question is that, in general, how do we verify…


Process Monitor for Debugging

The Process Monitor looks like a great tool to help in debugging issues and includes a bunch of features from a diverse set of sysinternal utilities such as RegMon, FileMon etc. I think this is the first tool offering to come out since the acquisition of and more importantly perhaps, Mark Russinovich (who has bunch…


Final version of CS 2007 Starter Site and Commerce Team Blog now LIVE!

The much anticipated Starter Site for Commerce Server 2007 is now available for download. With the release of the Starter Site we have also officially launched the Commerce Team Blog which is what will be used going forward for all Commerce related blog postings directly from the product team. Apart from making it easier for…


Interested in having fun breaking code? And getting paid for it?

Do you get a kick out of breaking code and finding bugs in software? Do you have a passion for coding? Are people around you always telling you to stop testing the phone or VCR or PDA or XBOX or the browser? Well, if the answer is a YES then I would love to hear from you and…


Commerce Server 2002 Service Pack 4 Released

Commerce Server 2002 SP4 is now live and available for download!  SP4 rolls up all existing QFEs and hotfixes, and can be applied to both CS2002 SP3 and FP1 installations. You can go through the main SP4 Readme document to learn more and also go through the list of bug fixes included with SP4. An…


What’s NXT?

Finally managed to make at least the first basic robot using the Lego Mindstorm NXT kit which I ordered recently. Still haven’t tried the Microsoft Robotics Studio (which recently announced the October 2006 CTP release) but that will be the next (or should I say ‘nxt’) thing I shall be doing. Among other things it…


CS 2007: StarterSite CTP and assorted links

The StarterSite CTP is now available for download. This should help and get everyone started on a solid ground with developing a Commerce Server site. Max Akbar has begun blogging with a vengeance and it is awesome to see the large number (and high quality) posts that he has been busy churning out. Kudos Max! Way…


CS 2007: Starter Site Availability Plans

I know this has been asked a million times by now – When are we getting the StarterSite? Well Ryan has the answer. The short answer is next week – but not for production sites. The long answer is October 2006. Hope that puts a lot of those questions to rest.


CS 2007: Running Pipelines in a Console Application

One of things you might need to do occasionally is to run pipelines from code which is not running in a web context (i.e. the code is not part of a web site or web service). This could be a console app, a WinForm app or even a Windows service. The reason this is a…