Commerce Server 2006 in the news

Looks like Commerce Server 2006 is getting some news coverage here and here. Things are warming up nicely - get ready for a fabulous Beta release coming up in a couple of months.

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  1. Tony Jones says:

    I have been keeping up with CS2006 because of my involvement in the TAP program, but I have a few concerns with the new version of Commerce Server 2006…

    I have been doing a lot of competitive studies of Commerce Server to what were it’s competitors strengths and how valid they were. A lot of the competition has VALID strengths that the Product Team really should address (and Commerce Server 2006 still lacks these).

    Some of the feature include….

    1. A strong BROWSER based UI for management of the catalogs, marketing, orders, profiles, etc. CS2006TP2 only has the Winform marketing tools, so I’m not sure if they plan on releasing a BROWSER based UI. Seriously, .NET makes the development of a browser based tool so easy, so the product team should invest the time. FUTURE CS2K6 Releases – cough up the code to the UI business clients!!!!

    2. More staging support! The product catalog staging is great, but what about campaigns, discounts and basic content???

    3. A/B Split Testing (if you don’t know what it is, then read up on it). IBM and ATG support it in their latest product sets.

    4. Nested Organizational roles/member Support. CS really needs to step up on the B2B vending capabilities. This feature is less needed than the others mentioned, but it would be nice. i.e. Contoso Organization can have the sub organization Contoso East and user profiles can be associated with Contoso East.

    I personally see no problem with MS even jacking up the price of the Enterprise Version and adding extra features just to that version. Other Enterprise products are 4x more anyway. Standard edition will fit the needs of most organizations anyway (without extra features). The projects I’m working on usually deal with corporations that have the $$$$ and will pay for more features, so a $20K, $30K or $40K licensing cost for a proc of CS is nothing compared to other competitors.

    I love CS, but if we are going to make it Enterprise, the product team SERIOUSLY needs to take a look at the competitors and how we lose sales to them.


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