Cool Tools for Commerce Server

If you work with Commerce Server you will find the following tools invaluable. These tools were created by Max Akbar, who recently joined our Program Management team, but has been working on Commerce Server for a long time and has a very detailed knowledge of everything Commerce Server. Kudos to Max for sharing these out (for all these years!) with the community.

Commerce 2002 Info (, 2k, 4 downloads)

Posted: 04/15/2005 09:24 AM

This utility generates a small text file containing information about the Commerce Server 2002 installation. This tool was created by Finbar Ryan.

PipeLine Modifier (, 133k, 5 downloads)

Posted: 03/22/2005 10:25 PM

Now there is way to programmatically modify your pipeline files and the component configuration. This sample is not a replacement for PipeLine Editor. Lets say you need to create a site in a wizard like style where pipelines get different components based on user selection or lets say that you have developed a site where you have different values in your staging and production environment you can use this sample to modify your pipeline files programmatically and eliminate the daunting task of manual steps.

Catalog Migration Tool (, 418k, 7 downloads)

Posted: 02/24/2005 02:04 PM

This is a simple catalog Migration that show how to migrate external data into Commerce Server 2002 FP1.

HTML Compressor (, 27k, 19 downloads)

Posted: 07/11/2004 03:25 PM

This small utility is not related to Commerce Server but can help shrink your HTML files and cut down on traffic generated by empty spaces.

A simple Bulk Insert Sample for FP1 Marketing System (, 28k, 20 downloads)

Posted: 06/04/2004 01:06 PM

A simple solution for Bulk Insert\migration of coupons for Commerce Server 2002 FP1.

Site Term Viewer (, 38k, 38 downloads)

Posted: 04/04/2004 11:28 PM

A .NET Site Term Viewer.

Copy Catalog (, 35k, 36 downloads)

Posted: 03/28/2004 02:18 PM

A WinForm app that displays copy and saveas functionality. Select a Catalog and give it a new name then copy the catalog exactly with your new name.

Commerce Module Template (, 21k, 74 downloads)

Posted: 02/27/2004 09:44 PM

A Commerce Module Teplate to get you started creating and extending Commerce Server 2002.

Pup log reader (, 96k, 37 downloads)

Posted: 02/26/2004 10:33 PM

An easy way to read pup log files.

Campaign Control for Commerce Server 2002 (, 21k, 52 downloads)

Posted: 02/03/2004 11:22 PM

Retail 2002's Campaign Control converted to C# minus the multi lingual support.

IBuySpy converted to Commerce Server 2002 (, 3035k, 77 downloads)

Posted: 02/03/2004 06:06 PM

C# Sample to demonstrate the basic out of the box functionality of the Commerce Server .NET Application Framework.

Display Catalogs and Categories in HTML Tree control. (, 3k, 54 downloads)

Posted: 01/30/2004 07:00 AM

This has been very popular in the news groups so I am posting it here for folks to download. Basically I am creating my own HTML tree like control to display Catalogs and their sub categories.

Pipeline Component UI (, 35k, 88 downloads)

Posted: 01/12/2004 09:24 PM

A template to display the use of custom Pipeline component.

delete a Commerce Server 2002 sites (, 331k, 39 downloads)

Posted: 12/28/2003 06:26 PM

An application to delete a Commerce Server 2002 site.

Order FormViewer (, 133k, 116 downloads)

Posted: 11/30/2003 04:01 PM

A an application to view the marshalled data of Commerce Server's OrderSystem.

Pup Viewer (, 61k, 67 downloads)

Posted: 11/30/2003 03:59 PM

Finally you can peak at the pup file to see what's lurking inside have fun.

Commerce Server 2002 .NET Catalog Editor (, 675k, 116 downloads)

Posted: 08/03/2003 02:49 PM

A .NET tool for editing Commerce Server 2002 catalogs.



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