Winter project is here!

Very nice MSDN Magazine article by Duncan Mackenzie in which he defines and builds a generic tool (containing multiple utilities) to automatically upload documents to a client from a server with options to do various things after completion of the download (such as notify, execute etc.) - the idea being to make it easier for family to download large sets of images (or any files) regularly and silently. What I really like is the fact that he takes some trouble to design (and describe) the app to be able to run under a non-full-trust environment (haven't tried it myself though - taking his word for it!). I think that is something that needs to be made a compulsory part of application design if we are ever to move into the run-as-non-administrator world.

Will keep this on my (ever-increasing) list of fun-to-do projects and maybe get to it once I have my site and server up and running (this winter's project). I think there is a lot of scope for adding cool additional features to this app such as email notifications after a batch of new images is downloaded and uploading the images to the web server for distribution, since manually uploading seems like it might be error-prone.

Check it out!

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  1. Smeg says:

    I have better ways to keep warm 😀

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