Hinglish – Thanks to Baraha!

Discovered a really cool software some time back to help me type in Hindi.

Problem was that I had lost touch with writing in the actual Hindi script (Devanagari) and plus there are all the issues related to typing a different language using the English keyboard. All of these were solved by using Baraha - the software allows you to type Hindi in English. To clarify, you write the word as best approximated by the English text and the software keep converting what you are writing to Hindi as you write. So for e.g when you write
something like "Namaste" you actually see the Hindi version of the word - in real time. Check it out if you need something like this (it converts to Kannada, Sanskrit and Marathi as well as of now).

A big Kudos to the Baraha team - I will make it a point to send in my donation that they request from users (you have to send in a check). They even have a version of Baraha for Windows 3.1/3.11 (the only software I have used recently to be supported on 3.1/3.11). Now that's what I call customer satisfaction...:)

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  1. nihitk says:

    Thats True,

    I use Baraha For writing my Stories in Mararthi which I would prefer to write on Paper when other usual Multiligual Software were concerned.

    I feel baraha should go more customized and add iLeap Like effects and tools. Then They can even market it.

    All the best

  2. Amlan says:

    Just an anecdote here — Baraha in Sanskrit means a pig. Actually one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu was the Baraha-avatar — the one with the pig head. So the nomenclature is equally cool !!

  3. Amit says:

    Hello Amlan,

    The meaning of the word "Baraha" has the same meaning as "lipi", means "script" or "writing" and it is a Kannad word (i am not sure whether it exists in Sanskrit or not).

    As for your interpretation of Pig, even that is wrong. In sanskrit it is called "Varaha" not "Baraha".




    World may not always be kind enough to teach you about your foolishness.


    Comment Edited to remove inappropriate language.

    – NihitK


  4. Vineet Vadhera says:

    Another cool Hindi software is ‘Madhyam’ provided by Balendu Sharma Dadhich at his website <a href=http://www.balendu.com>www.balendu.com</a&gt;. Though it doesn’t allow typing in the English to Hindi way, but it uses the Inscript keyboard that is surprisingly very easy to learn and makes Hindi typing fun. Inscript is something that we should promote, if we want to promote computing Indian languages.

  5. Anjana says:

    dear Nikhit,

    Thanks a ton…. i lost my software , now got it back …. thanks again aman

  6. Anjana says:

    dear Nikhit,

    Thanks a ton…. i lost my software , now got it back …. thanks again aman

  7. In one of the opinions above, Varaha has been defined as a Pig, which is not so.

    Varaha means Boar. Pls. note that there is a big difference between a Pig and a Boar, particualrly in the Hindu mythological context.

    This comment is made without intending to cause any hurt / offending anybody's sentiments.

  8. pawnesh says:

    you can also try hinglishwriter from sourceforge. it is browser based, so it can run on linux and every other O.S which have web browser. It is totally free and do not demand any donation. not perfect as google translitrate but good for portability issue and offline use.


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