Query Analyzer output in color?

Was wondering if anyone knows about an add-on or some product which will let me add color to the output of SQL Server 2000 Query Analyzer? The reason I could use it is that I was running a test in QA that printed out a lot of PASS and FAIL statements - would be a lot more useful if color coded.

Maybe that is just a feature request for Yukon (too late for feature requests I guess - if it is to ship in 2005!). If you are interested in Yukon, check out this cool flash demo.

Comments (6)

  1. Nick Parker says:

    What about wrapping your own?

  2. Take Outs for 27 March 2004.

  3. hilary cotter says:

    have a look at sqlparse.dll. Feed in a query and it will spit back a color coded format for RTF.

    Way sexy.

  4. Nihit Kaul says:

    Nick – That might be more work than I want to undertake…though it would surely make for an interesting project.

    Hilary – SQLParse.dll sounds interesting – But I couldn’t find any more information on it anywhere. Any pointers on how to dig into this in a bit more detail?

  5. Scott Duffy says:

    How about marking the FAIL output in a highlighted manner textually?




    ——–>>>>>>>> FAILED <<<<<<<<<———



  6. Scott – That is exactly what I do currently to try and make the failure attention grabbing. Didn’t quite figure out getting color with query analyzer though…

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