AzMan on Windows XP

Found this small nugget of information quite hard to get - so I think others might find it useful as well. How to install the Authorization Manager administration MMC on a Windows XP machine.

If you use the Windows Server 2003 Authorization Manager, you might find it interesting to know that you can install the AzMan runtime (short form for Authorization Manager) on Windows 2000 as well. The problem there is that even after you install the runtime it is hard to configure the Authorization store without a good UI. The Windows 2003 version comes with a nice UI but not the Windows 2000 version. So your best bet might be to configure the store via a Windows XP machine since you can install Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack and then point to the XML authorization store on your Window 2000 box.

Now all you need to do is simply type “azman.msc” from the Start -> Run prompt and off you go!

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  1. Roy Osherove says:


    I’m experienceing the same problem, only I’m running on windows XP, not 2000.

    Is there a separate download runtime for XP?

  2. Hi Roy,

    As far as I am aware, there is no Azman "runtime" for Windows XP – just for Win 2000 and Win 2003. For Win 2000, there is no UI provided for managing the policy files, so you can use the admin tools pack on WIn XP to manage those files.

    Best to look this up yourself as well though, but I am not aware of a Win XP version of the Azman runtime.

  3. Update – I believe I was wrong in the previous comment. The 2003 Admin Pack for Win XP seems to install the AzMan runtime as well as the management UI. I do believe there are some issues with the availability of AzMan on different languages though. Let’s hope that gets fixed soon.

  4. John Parrish says:

    Thanks.. this was very helpful.. your right it is hard to get this info =)

  5. Prashant Jain says:

    Thanks for the info ..

  6. Prashant Jain says:

    Here is link for download..

    HOW TO: Install the Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack on Windows XP Link;en-us;324745

  7. This article describes a possible implementation scenario with Windows 2003 Authorization Manager (AzMan)…

  8. This article describes a possible implementation scenario with Windows 2003 Authorization Manager (AzMan)…

  9. This article describes a possible implementation scenario with Windows 2003 Authorization Manager (AzMan)…

  10. This article describes a possible implementation scenario with Windows 2003 Authorization Manager (AzMan)…

  11. janantha says:

    Hi Nihit,

    I have built a custom application using visual and ran it on WinXP Prof SP2. The Azman resides on a Windows Server 2003, which is connected to the client via a LAN. When i run the application it is suppose to read off the XML file from the file server#s shared folder and perform the access checks.. But im getting error..any idea? I was told in the msn blog that i cant run Azman runtime on Win XP is it true or false? If i install the wind2003 admin pack will i be able to run the app

  12. Hi Janantha,

    Yes – with the Win2K3 Administration Tools Pack installed you should be able to run this app on Win XP.

    What is the error you are seeing?



  13. ina_don says:

    Nikhil I need to find out something… I’m having a hustle running AZMan on WinXP. The moment I place the roles authorization in the web.config for a folder, if I try to access the folder the app throws an exception about UnauthorizedAccess. The same application with the same configuration just runs on Win2k3. I’ve also read the bits about AZMan not running on XP or being so broken on XP? (  is an example…

    Could u assist in making this work. I’ve installed the win2k3 admin tools pack and even the interop for 2000 to try and resolve this issue but no joy

  14. ina_don says:

    I said Nikhil didn’t I? Sorry NihitK…

  15. Hi Ina,

    Soryr – but I can’t think of anything else to try in this case.



  16. ina_don says:

    Thanks then I was hoping for something better but … and really hoping that the XP broken issue was untrue

  17. ina_don says:

    Hey I’ve sorted it out thanks… Cleaned out everything, reinstalled all the stuff (win2003 admin tools) and reapplied the Win 2000 PIA and created a new xml store… Reconfigured the service account on the XP machine to run with the domain account. I’m still getting some account errors from time to time but its working… I’ll look in the Event log if there is anything going on with the logins.

  18. janantha says:

    well my app worked like a beauty on WinXP after I installed teh Azman Runtime Environment which is developed for win like a charm on win xp aswell

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