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After a bit of consideration about the kindof blog that I will enjoy writing, seems like msdn might not be the best fit for me (I don't think I have enough techincal nuggets to offer or share). So I am in the process of looking at alternatives. The most appealing to me currently is to have a personal web site which contains a blog as well.

I am thinking about .Text for now since it seems like it will not require anything to be installed on the server (at least for a one site configuration) and thus can be hosted by any ISP which will be ready to host ASP.Net web sites. But I would like to consider any alternatives if available. Any suggestions? (Am trying to read up about dasBlog to see if that will fit my bill as well).
My requirements are that the blog has to be hosted as part of my larger web site. Should be ASP.Net based. Should allow posting mechanisms, so that I can do dual postings using a tools such as Newsgator (on the rare occasions where I will have some technical content worthy of putting up at MSDN). Should not require me to install or do any custom setup on the web server or at the IIS level. And should not be a beast to wrap my head around.

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  1. Tejas Patel says:

    What kind of functionalities and features do you need in a blog? This question plays a important role in deciding what blog to select.

  2. John says:

    With their new RSS features, I’m struggling to find reasons not to use

  3. Omar Shahine says:

    .Text requires SQL. dasBlog uses xml text files for everything. I use both ;-). dasBlog runs my personal blog and I crosspost here.

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