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I never thought I would find a feature so useful, but I am addicted to it. I just cleaned up my system and I found I missed the tabbed windows of CrazyBrowzer the most. Now why doesn’t IE add that to its list of features? (Mental note – Add that as a suggestion to Scoble’s blog entry asking about IE feedback).

Though here is something quite cheap of CrazyBrowser – if you go to its home page in IE, it launches a pop-up window for PowerIE – some paid tool which seems like a superset of CB. I hate it when a company resorts to these gimmicks.

Apart from the tabbed windows, which I think are really useful (a colleague who is probably equally addicted, compared working in IE to working in Visual Studio without the tabbed windows. Probably a difference in the degree, but I think there are similarities) another great feature in CB is of coupling all related pages together as a group – no such feature in IE.
Also CB adds over IE features – for e.g. when you look at your IE favorites through CB, at the top of each category is a “Open All Links” option which makes so much sense since most of the times, if you have a category of favorites you would like to look all of them up together (News, Books, Shopping sites, Science etc.).

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  1. Don says:

    Wow! thanks for the Crazy Browser tip. Very sweet.

  2. SimonT says:

    I loaded Crazy Browser and Norton reported it as having a virus, this was from the main download site as well.

    I removed it and it totalled my IE installation and never set things back to normal.

    I did contact them, but no reply.

    I hate CB for this, if they have sorted out why NAV freaked out at there installer then it is a great tool, but scan it before you install it.

  3. milbertus says:

    If you like tabbed browsing you might want to give Mozilla Firebird ( a try. I’ve been using it as my main browser for almost a year now, and I rarely see any pages which don’t render properly in it.

  4. Vazz says:

    CB has not released a new version since 04/04/2002. You could also try MyIE2( It has most of the same features plus a few more. And it is still being actively developed.

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  6. navaz says:


             ..In this 4the semester we have a small project……i have planned to do that project in vb oracle…..But i face one problem when i write vb code especially for the tabed window …

                          When the tab in the tabed window was disabled, it is able to enter in the text box even through tab is disabled…if there is any option to disable all the things that are in the tab…if u know how to overcome this problem pls inform immediately..otherwise pls consult vb specialist in ur firm

    hope  u will respond soon

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