Here is a bit of news about myself - I am a Kashmiri (hailing from the northern most state of India - Jammu & Kashmir). Well, personally I consider myself more of a pseudo-Kashmiri, cause I can barely speak and converse freely in Kashmiri. What is amazing is that, in one of our learn-a-language-moods, me and my wife (Preeti) started searching online (what were we thinking - that we would find a site with complete audio clips and what not that would teach us Kashmiri?) for something to help us.

Well, bless the internet, cause believe-it-or-not there is a site for just this purpose - Learning to speak Kashmiri!

Also found this site, which has a very different look and feel and is the web site of the Danish Rock Group Kashmir...:)

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  1. Tejas Patel says:

    Good luck with learning Kashimir. May be after learning it you both can start up your own blog or site to teach others like you:)

  2. Nikhil Fotedar says:

    Well u can learn koshur from


    or u can join kashmiri pandit groups on yahoo like KPandit or Kpindia they have uploaded files in pdf format that teach koshur

  3. hi… idnt hve acess at net 2 home,co cnt use net regularly.so are there any books vich cn teach me kashmiri? really want 2 learn it.

  4. Hi Garima,

    I am sure there are books for learning Kashmiri – but I haven’t used any myself so don’t have any recommendations. I would check at the local library first and see.



  5. BIKAS NAYAL says:


    i have been desperately trying to learn kashmiri for the past one month now.i tried the koshur website but learning online is very tough.i am in mumbai and i have searched all bookshops from malad to colaba to panvel also but i couldn’t find a single book on how to learn kashmiri.all the language schools here teach only urdu.i would be greatful to you if you could plz tell me any address where i can find these books or if there is somebody in MUMBAI who could teach me kashmiri.

    thanking you in anticipation.


    my cell no 09869309454

  6. rajnish sharma says:

    I would like to learn kashmiri as i have lots of people close to me who are kashmiri.Please give your guidance so that i can learn this language


          Hi its me gunjan asrani from new delhi i belong from sindhi family n now i m getting married in kashmiri family  i face lots of problem 2 understand there language n it is very important for me 2 learn kashimiri language b/w 10-15 days plz help me koshur to learn kashmiri language as soon as possible coz i want to surprise them  n i want 2 show that i can also able 2 understand n talk in kashmiri language

  8. nisha trakru says:

    I have seen lots of kashmiris who pretend that they cant speak well but actually they can. But u guys are doing the good job. All the very best to u.

  9. seema says:

    im going to get maried to a kashmiri guy want to learn this language very soon.

  10. ushakoul says:

    i married to a kashmiri guy ,i want to learn this language very soon, please help me

  11. Vimi says:

    Its nice to hear that i am not the only one here sruggling to learn kashmiri. My difficulty is that i have to learn to speak, i can hardly converse. Though i understand it.(most of the times). So best wishes to all who are trying to learn.

  12. Amit says:


    I think language naver the sky of communication. If you want to communicate and be frank than language never be limit in it.

    But learning & being communal is the process of life. I realy appreciates the way You and your wife reacted and lead the way to learning mother tongue. I am also dreaming get join of your community to get learnt Kashmiri and improve communication.

    I feels Kashmiri’s are more frndly natured than other parts of India that would great rebust for me to be in frndly nature.



    98730 13724

  13. imran says:


    i desperately want to learn this language as iam married to a kashmiri girl, so suggest me a good web site that would help me.



  14. Amrita De says:

    Hello Everybody!

    I want to learn Koshur.

    I have desperately searched many big bookstores as well as the small ones for books on "How to learn Kashmiri", but I didn’t find any in Mumbai & Pune.

    I talked to the guys at "Crossword" if they can get me books on this subject & tried to place an order,  but was disappointed…  🙁

    Its really surprising that there are no books on how to learn this wonderful language.

    I have visited the site koshur.com & downloaded some PDFs… Now am going thru’ them. They are really good.

    Can anybody PLEASE help me to get some books on KOSHUR??…as a hard copy will be more preferable than the PDFs.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Amrita De

    Navi Mumbai

  15. sanjaa says:

    ya plz plz plz, am getting married to a kahmiri guy… i wanna learn the language too, am from mumbai !!!

    help me out wid some sites and books plz !!!!!!!!!

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