Just another frantic Friday!

That title is just a lame attempt inspired by the song “Just another Manic Monday” (don't even remember by whom - anyone?).

Well - it sure feels good to have a weekend ahead. And just for the record, I would like everyone to know that in my 2.5 years of working at Microsoft, there have only been a handful of weekends at most, when I have had to come into work on a weekend. And I am proud of that - both from my employer’s point of view and my personal. Work life balance should not just be on paper and we should not be encouraging people who are proud of how many weekends they have been working. Of course - maybe I have just had it easy and maybe I am lucky. But all the same - when the averages are drawn out for how many people have to work weekends, my name will be bringing it down.

(I am sure I am going to shoot myself in the foot - my boss is going to read this and go “Oh! So you really don't have much on your plate, eh?”...:))

OK - Time to go and check some news at TOI and news.com.

BTW - Has anyone attended one of these and have any first-hand experience whether it is good/bad/ugly? I am talking about “STARWEST the Industry's Premier Software Testing Event” (or StarEast, I don't care, same difference. One is closer chronologically and one geographically). I just bumped into this site and was wondering whether such an event would be worth attending or not.

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  1. Damian says:

    Manic Monday was the Bangles:)

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