Bricks anywhere?

My dad mentioned that he used to really like this old game called “Bricks” and I thought I'd show him how google could find anything - literally. Well, alas, I couldn't quite find it! At least not the exact same good 'ol arcade format I wanted it in. Just as a quick intro - it was (is?) a game which started off with a row of bricks on the top, a bouncing ball which would knock off the bricks one by one and a paddle at the bottom with which to smack the ball back at the bricks.

Anyway, it would be great to get my hands on it if I could. If anyone has any pointers, pass 'em on.

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  1. Mitch Walker says:

    Search for "Break Out". Very popular game back in the day with *tons* of variations and ports.

  2. Tim Tabor says:

    aka Arkanoid – a good Google term.

  3. Ray says:

    Do a search on google for DX ball, it’s a pretty neat Arkanoid clone.

  4. Pradeep says:


    Try this game n let me know, if this is what you are looking out for.



  5. Rich C says:

    It sounds like you want something closer to the original, but Ricochet is a fun replica of the concept. You may find it at

    One of the few games I’ve purchased in the last few years (too old for most I guess :-)).

  6. Why try everything so difficult? I learned something from my wife, just type it in your address bar in IE.

    Ofcourse you have to search for the correct word! 😉

    For example, try "arkanoid"

    You may get MSN Search ór get

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