the ant (the action northeast trust)

Working with the strengths of the weakest!

Just wanted to spread the word about a great non-profit organization that is doing some kick-ass work in the northeast region of India (namely Bongaigaon, Assam). In case you are wondering about that name, here is how they explain it:

As a salute to the positive spirit of ants, those tiny hardworking creatures who work humbly, silently and collectively to achieve things far beyond their small size , we named ourselves “the ant”.

It is humbling to know how much these guys have given up for this cause, including comfortable lives, proximity to friends and family, better salaries and comforts of big cities. One almost feels sheepish to donate to such NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), since it feels like we are trying to bribe our conscience out of feeling guilty. OK - maybe I am getting carried away here...but all the same - Kudos to everyone at the ant.

Take a moment to visit them at and if you can, please contribute in whatever way you like (pledge, email of support, buying their products etc.).

Disclaimer: I personally know one of the founders of the ant: Dr. Sunil Kaul - Hopefully my association doesn't diminish their amazing efforts.

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