Howdi! Welcome to my web log. This is my first experience with blogging so am expecting the usual teething issues - but am excited about it as well.

Just to give a quick run down about myself - I am currently working at Microsoft as a Software Design Engineer in Test (long name for a tester) in the EBusiness Servers group - specifically Commerce Services. I did my schooling in my hometown of Delhi, India from Springdales school. Followed this up with a 2 month stint at Stephens College, enrolled in the Physics Honours program. Dropped it for a 4-year Computer Enigineering course from Manipal Institute of Technology (1994-1999). Next came an MS in CS from University of Arizona, Tucson (Go Wildcats!). Did my intership at Microsoft during my MS itself and then joined fulltime after completing my MS. Phew! 🙂

More later.

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  1. kavita says:

    Welcome! I too am from Delhi and went to Stephens; did Maths.

  2. Sijin Joseph says:

    Hey you guys, I am from Delhi and went to Stephens too!!. B.Sc Maths(H) graduated in 2000, what abt you guys?….What a conincidence eh 🙂 Kavita…are you my senior? 🙂

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