Photosynth Panoramic Deep Zoom Mosaic

18 years ago ‘Virtual Reality’ was all the rage… remember The Lawnmower Man? 16 years ago Apple came out with QuickTime VR which changed the way people experienced panoramic photos on the web. QuickTime VR (virtual reality) (also known as QTVR) is a type of image file format supported by Apple’s QuickTime. It allows the…


Air New Zealand Fashion Week Finale!

I convinced Michael Ng (the official photographer) for Air New Zealand Fashion week to attempt a photosynth at last nights Stolen Girlfriends show. I think he did a great job! Showing the models and the who’s who celebs in the front row. Add this with some super high resolution beauty shots in the MSN “wall…


TBWA, adidas, the ALL BLACKS and Photosynth

TBWA have teamed up with adidas to launch the 2009 All Black jersey with a  new campaign. This is how it works: 1) Buy the 2009 All Black jersey to go into the draw to photograph the All Blacks during the national anthem at one of the home test matches. 2) The photos are then…


NZsynth – How It Was Done

Previously I wrote and demoed the NZsynth application that was built for the WEB09 keynote. This post is detailing how it was made and introducing version two (Zoom all the way in using mouse wheel then double-click for popup image).   WATCH THE VIDEO that goes end-to-end on the development of the application (mainly building…


NZsynth and WEB09

It started as a conversation I was having with Brett Roberts regarding options for promoting NZ online at a time when tourism was taking a hit from the current economic climate. From there we discussed the proposed National Cycleway and this lead to a conversation about “crowd sourcing” images that people have already tagged as…



Now that Photosynth has been released I couldn’t resist making a halosynth powered photosister! Hint hold down ctrl and play with the 3D model!


BBC and Photosynth

The BBC is using Microsoft’s Photosynth 3D imaging software to provide views of prominent British buildings in conjunction with a new TV show, How We Built Britain. Check it out!, blog post here. The Photosynth images will be updated with new photos submitted by the public. The BBC is using Flickr for image uploads. VERY…


Expand Your Portfolio… it’s a wrap!

Hey there, Two weeks ago we met and presented to over 200 people from more than 85 companies across New Zealand! We got some great feedback and had heaps of fun doing it! I have got great feedback via email and I have had truck loads of people wanting to show their friends… learn more and…



One of the true pieces of innovation I saw when I was up in Orlando a few months ago was Photosynth. What is Photosynth in a nutshell? It is the ability to create a 3D model from thousands of photographs. Think about this for a moment, take something like a set of photos about the…