FTW IE6, IE7, IE8, Chrome and Firefox running together on Windows 7 in Windows XP Mode

When you buy Windows 7 (pro or ultimate) you get Windows XP “virtualized” for free. What this means that if you are web developer you can finally have IE6, IE7, IE8 all running alongside each other as hardware supported virtual applications. Take a trip to the Virtual PC site to read the hardware requirements and…


Auckland Meetup Lessons Learnt

I had a great time time at the Auckland Web Meetup last week, I have been skimming through the comments… the fact that 120 people came along was really quite impressive. The day of my presentation I thought hard about whether to do any slides or just straight in with the WPF and Silverlight demos….


My Tech.Ready (Well at least the parts I can talk about)

I’m starting my long flight home from Seattle to Auckland. Please join me for another long convoluted post about this week abroad all written and linked while disconnected from the Internet 😉 Each year technical Microsoft staff that are based out in the field fly to Seattle to attend a week long technical breifing. The…


Rowan Simpson, Trade Me and Browser Wars 2.0

With the conversation going on regarding IE7’s 100 million installation (thanks Tony), the contrasting Infoweek article and also Richard’s Maxthon take, I was interested to see that Rowan has posted Trade Me’s logs for December on his blog. If you analyse Rowans numbers further it shows that in the 6 month period from July 2006 to…


Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP has been released!

In terms of the Internet this is now old news (2 hours old in fact!) You can read all about it on the IE blog… better yet download it yourself (14.8MB). Remember this will be distributed by automatic updates in a few weeks time. This doesn’t really help me however… it has been quite some time…


The Team at IE7 has told the world we’re coming this month!

If you are a web developer or the owner of a large site… now is the time to make sure it works with IE7 (if you haven’t done already). The final release of IE7 is fast approaching and will be delivered to customers via Automatic Updates a few weeks after it’s available for download.