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Why should you consider Windows Apps? Well because the market opportunity for games is really good right now and you may already have the code written and ready to port to the new platforms.

The annual Game Developer's Conference kicked off in San Francisco last week.

Coinciding with the event it was awesome to see the first Unity title released on Windows Phone 8, Temple Run. The beta SDK for the Unity 4 game engine for Windows 8 is available now and I expect improvements as the team move towards a final release.

Recently London based HTML game dev studio Mudvark created the HTML game Mortar Melon, for Windows 8 using the Scirra games engine and took out a recent Windows 8 competition. Mudvark didn’t expect the more than a quarter of a million downloads that they got in the first month and a half on Windows 8 and they are now considering Windows 8 as a possible primary platform for future titles.

Likewise Aussies Halfbrick have earned over $100k from their games on Windows 8 in the last 30 days!

With all this winning going on I wasn’t surprised to see that the student team that placed 2nd in the games category at the recent imagine cup finals in Auckland have already had 10’s of thousands of downloads and their game 2150 A.D. in the Windows Store is receiving over 1,000 downloads per day.

This is not unique as there are other stories of indie devs making $30k per month on their Windows Store games.

If you think back it was a game for Windows Phone, AlphaJax that took out the Best Mobile Application category at the 2011 ONYA awards in Wellington.  Alphajax was subsequently acquired by Microsoft Game Studios in 2011. The acquisition provided some of the seed capital required to start Marker Metro in Auckland (the worlds first agency 100% dedicated to making apps for Windows) has been profitable from day 1.

All of this opportunity bodes well for the awesome kiwi game development industry that earns the majority of their revenue from original intellectual property and royalties. So if you are into game development now is a good time to start looking at porting/ building your apps for Windows.

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