Windows Camp in New Zealand and Developing for Windows 8

The Consumer Preview of Windows 8 was launched on 1st March 2012 and I hope you have all had a chance to download it. We are very excited to hold our very first Windows Camps next week from the 20 to 23 of March in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland. New Zealand developers will get a chance to get started building Metro applications for Windows 8. We are also pleased to have a guest speaker from Microsoft US Jaime Rodriguez. Jaime is very experienced at building metro style apps for Windows 8 and has worked on some of the early applications that have been released into the preview store. I am also presenting along with Keith Patton from Marker Metro at the events.

So what will you learn? We have an action packed agenda to take you through the Windows 8 Platform, Metro Style Design, how you can use XAML and/or HTML/JavaScript to build Metro Apps, building Metro UIs, Tiles and Notifications and the Windows Store. We’ll deliver developer-level, demo-driven sessions that will give you an accelerated entry into what it means to design, develop and publish modern applications for next-generation devices running Windows 8. See the full agenda.

The Windows Camp will be split into 2 parts. The first is lecture style presentations and the second is very limited hands on labs where you will have access to a Windows 8 machine to get hands on training. We will be prioritising slots to those developers who commit to building a Metro Style App for Windows 8 to put into practice what they learn in the lab.

Places are filling extremely fast – the Auckland lab has already sold out, so we have opened another lab. The Wellington and Christchurch labs are close to selling out as well so register now to avoid disappointment.

We are topping off next week with a weekend Hackathon in the Microsoft Auckland office (Fri 23rd March 6pm –> Sun 25th March 4pm). The purpose is to get a bunch of like minded people together to build Metro Style apps based on what they have learnt at the sessions and labs the week before. There will be awesome prizes up for grabs to those individuals/ teams that get their hackathon apps complete and certified in the coming months post the event.

If you are interested in the Hackathon and you think you’ve got what it takes please request a spot and we’ll let you know soon if you made it in.

Judging by the thousands of reviews of the preview apps already in the Windows 8 Preview store I predict that the worldwide demand for apps when Windows 8 ships will be unprecedented and a real green fields opportunity for motivated developers. New Zealand developers will be able to register for the Windows Store and get paid for their Metro style apps at the general availability of Windows 8.

Developing for Windows 8

There are plenty of resources for Windows 8 Development; here are the highlights of the top resources and quick links to get you started.

1) The portal to all things Windows 8 Development is Here you will get links to Metro style application design, Desktop application, Hardware and IE development.

2) Downloads for developers will have links to the tools and SDK, Windows 8 Consumer Preview as well as design assets, sample app pack and more.

3) Begin learning Metro style app development and Metro style design. There’s also a Windows 8 Consumer Preview Product Guide for Developers. And full metro style documentation is available.

4) The Windows Store will offer great opportunity to sell your applications and make money. Learn about selling apps in the Windows Store.

5) Join the conversation at the Windows 8 developer forums.

6) The Building Windows 8 Blog gives an inside look at how, what, and why different features of Windows 8 are being built. This blog is written by Windows President Steven Sinofsky together with members of the Windows engineering team. There are also blogs for Windows Store, Windows 8 App Development, IE and Windows Live.

7) Follow @buildwindows8 and @windevs on twitter. For local news and events, follow @nzigel and @msdnnz

8) Others ways to keep up to date is by subscribing to the NZ MSDN Flash and through Facebook - and and youtube

9) Desktop app developer/partner content should check out Desktop app certification requirements, Desktop App Certification Kit, Compatibility Cookbook and Compatibility Center.

10) Hardware Developer/partners should check out Hardware Certification Requirements, Hardware tools and certification kit, Driver development documentation, Hardware and driver community resources and Compatibility Center

Hope you find these useful, and we look forward to seeing the amazing applications you build for Windows 8! Once you’ve build that world dominating application, email us at to let us know about it!

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  1. Jono says:

    Was a great couple of events. I was disappointed I couldn't make the Hackathon, but really found a lot of both other days useful. Often the 'sit in a room listening to Microsoft say how great their products are' sort of events tend to cover things a lot of people know, but there was much to learn, and certainly cemented, at least in my mind, that there has been a lot of thought that has gone into Windows 8 for the developer!

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