Nokia Lumia 800 Releasing in New Zealand… Why You Want One!

6503556247_817c5ec473I spent almost $1,000 NZD (after tax and import duty) ordering a Nokia Lumia 800 pre-Christmas from the UK.

Since owning the Lumia it has become the greatest device I’ve ever owned (including my iPod touch, Kindle Fire and other Windows Phones) and I’ll get into the why very shortly.

The great news is that if you pre-register with Telecom NZ before the 22nd Feb you can get one of the awesome Nokia Lumia 800’s for $799 NZD on open term (that’s $230 less than the iPhone 4S)!

This phone replaced a lot of devices for me.

#1 In Car Navigation

wanka 007

The Nokia Drive app is beyond awesome. You can download maps and voices (with local points of interest) for offline 3D turn by turn navigation for whatever country you travel to for free! The app has been brilliant this week during our South Island trip as we explored a bunch of spots that we hadn’t visited before.

In comparison the TomTom New Zealand only app costs $95 on the iPhone and a Navman will set you back about $300.

#2 The Camera

The Nokia Lumia 800 comes with a Carl Zeiss Tessar lens and a 8 megapixel camera. I can finally say that the quality is good enough at both photos and video that I can leave my Panasonic Lumix at home!

The Lumia introduced a marco lens to Windows Phone (which is awesome). There was a problem with the default settings that Macro is turned on by default but a recent fix to the OS has fixed this.

Top Camera Tips:

  • Change the ISO to “200” and Contrast to “High” and save these as the default for the camera for best results.
  • Tap the screen to focus on an object in the scene and take the photo rather than using the camera button on the side of the device.
  • Use the Thumba Photo Editor app to apply colourization (Colour Selection),  Vignette, HDR, Tilt-Shift effects.
  • Use the Pano app.

Here is a collection of photos I have taken with my Lumia.


If you have a Windows Phone why don’t you try a new wallpaper and theme? I have been sporting this photo I shot of the dry grass at sunset and the brown phone theme as a change to remind me of the barren land and majestic mountains of the South Island New Zealand summer.

#3 The Video

As long as you have steady hands the HD video recording on the phone is 2nd to none that I’ve seen.

#4 The Bumper Case

The Nokia Lumia 800 comes with a free rubber bumper case (this isn’t needed to improve signal quality it is just to stop bumps) compare this with the iPhone which costs $29 USD for the bumper case and this is needed for call quality improvements on the iPhone 4 model.

#5 Live Tiles Beat SpringBoard Layout Every Time

426305_10150540534252057_558042056_9294016_514655491_nLet’s face it iOS introduced the SpringBoard icon layout four years ago. It has remained unchanged as a 4 x 4 grid. The great news is that unlike other platforms, Windows Phone doesn’t follow this draconian stagnant uniformity.

The NZ app ecosystem for Windows Phone is very healthy and live tile enabled local apps like Weather NZ, Auckland Traffic, Menu Mania and My Trips make it a pleasure to glance and get on with whatever you were doing beside what is faster than a Windows Phone 🙂

If you want to win your own Lumia (or other great Samsung Windows Phone's) you can do so by entering the Windows Phone Community Roadshow competition (attendance at the event is not required but highly recommended).

Nokia Amazing Everyday!

Comments (9)

  1. Pete Kirby says:

    I was lucky to play with the 800 a couple of weeks ago.  The video is sharper than the new GoPro2 video sports camera – with less field of view of course.  This is the first time (as a part-time photographer) that a phone has grabbed and said "you want one"!   It would never replace my serious cameras but the 800 is another reason the major point-and-shoot camera manufacturers are really nervous!

  2. Michael says:

    Is that $799 price on a plan, or handset only?

  3. nparker says:

    @Michael looks like handset only

  4. Oeo says:

    Awesome. While waiting for a Lumia, I have changed the camera ISO and Contrast settings on my Omnia 7 and I can immediately see the difference. Cheers.

  5. Mohit Singh says:

    Great post!

  6. says:

    Amazing photos! ))

  7. kapadimohi says:

    How is the performance in low light conditions?

  8. Peter says:

    Why no front facing camera for video calling? Seems a strange thing to leave out on a high end phone.

  9. Dave Lane says:

    Looks like a nice phone – question is: will it run Android? *ducks*

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