Light Up Your Website with Windows 7 and IE9

Whether you buy into the numbers or not it is promising to see that StatCounter is now reporting Windows 7 to be the most popular operating system in New Zealand with 1/3 of all NZ computers running Windows 7.


In addition to this 341,804 unique users visited this month using Internet Explorer 9, that is ~127k more users than Chrome (all versions), ~200k more users than Firefox 4 and ~290k more users than Safari (all versions) (source nielsen SiteCensus May 2011).

With these numbers I think now is a good time to start looking at how to “light-up” your website with IE9 on Windows 7.

Take a lead from Trade Me, they have done an awesome job of providing a custom jump list for their website.


As has Geekzone with their styli black chrome and navigation buttons.


So what do you need to do?

  1. create a hi-res favicon
  2. set up notifications
  3. build a dynamic Jump List

Check out


In fact sites from 37 countries reaching 1,000,000,000 active web users have built a pinned site.

Check out Adding the Awesomesauce Flavor with Internet Explorer 9 Pinned Sites

By now, you’ve heard about pinned sites in Internet Explorer 9. And, you’ve probably even used them yourself. But, did you know that this feature can help increase site visits and engagements by as much as 50%? In this session, you’ll hear stories of Pinned Site implementations by some of the most popular websites on the web today. You’ll also discover how to support pinned sites with a few lines of markup. Finally, you’ll learn best practices that will help you deliver an awesome experience to your visitors.


Besides if you don’t create a high res fav icon your site will look rubbish when pinned on Windows 7.


Let me know in the comments when you’ve pinned yours.

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  1. M Freitas says:

    We are actually working to make it a dynamic list, with links to the latest discussions and updates throughout the day…

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