5 Things You Need to Know to Start Using Video and Audio Today

I have just finished giving my presentation at MIX11 on HTML5 Video and Audio. I enjoyed the session and promised to share the video, demos and code here on my blog.

Download PDF Slides (2.12MB)

My Demos are as follows (for most you need a browser that supports HTML5 – I recommend IE9 or IE10 PP1)

I also built the demo using MVC3, Razor & the new HTML5 site template and hosted the site on Windows Azure using an extra small instance.

The Expression Encoder 4 High Profile H.264 profile that I demoed in my session is at http://vid.blob.core.windows.net/mix/MP4HighPresent.xml (right click save target as)

The  recording of the MIX presentation is available online now as well.



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