Auckland Startup Weekend #AKLSW April 1-3

I want to call out what an awesome job Mike did with NZ’s first Startup Weekend #AKLSW. He was there for the entire 54 hours over the weekend and helped deliver a killer event. The event was sponsored by Microsoft and the ecentre in part to build awareness for and startups in NZ. The event was organized by Mike, Jason Armishaw, Yvonne McLaren (Valentine Addis - Venture catalyst) and Nick Shewring (The Biz Dojo).

I spent some time at the event as a mentor on Sat afternoon (where I shot a short video) and again on Sun evening for the pitches. I was impressed with the energy and quality of the teams taking part.


I was particularly impressed with @TaxiSurfer (who took out the competition), hat tip to Keith who ensured that the backend was .NET and REST not SOAP services.

It was also great to finally meet the @TouchManiacs guys who teamed up with @Nigelsampson to build the .NET MVC site and WP7 app for Hotspot who placed 3rd at the event. Check out their video!

Jason Armishaw was on AMI Business at 6:20am this morning talking about the outcomes from the event (watch the clip) also were filming the finale so look out for their clip from the event.

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  1. Jil O'Brien says:

    What a great weekend it was! You can view the AMP Business clip here:…/24768926

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