PDC 2010 Live from the Microsoft Redmond Campus Tomorrow 5am!

The Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) kicks off tomorrow morning and we would like to invite you to participate in this year conference LIVE in New Zealand. This year’s PDC online event will include live streaming of the keynote, as well as concurrent live streaming of all sessions.

The choice is yours:

§ Watch Live or On-Demand on the web – The keynote kicks off at 5 AM on Friday 29th October and you can watch the sessions live and on demand from that time. Also, you will be able to watch the sessions on demand from the PDC site also.

§ Watch the Keynote & Highlights with your local MS Communities User Group – Join your local MS Communities User Group to watch the keynote and sessions highlights from this Friday onwards.

I’ll be at Clifton's at 7:30am tomorrow and hope to see other Auckland developers at the event.

If you can’t wait until tomorrow take a look at Office 365 announcement for PDC.

Vertigo Software just released their PDC10 Windows Phone 7 app.  That’s going to make it a lot easier to follow along this year.  If you have a WP7 device go download it now.

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