New Zealand Windows Phone 7 Dev Training Events

This week Ben Gracewood, Chris Klug, Keith Patton and myself delivered three Windows Phone 7 developer training events in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland. The agenda was packed with more than 5 1/2 hours worth of content and we met and interacted with more than 100 motivated kiwis dev looking to build applications for the new Windows Phone 7 platform.


Below is a 15min video that I have posted to Channel 9 of the content that was delivered at the sessions:


For our presentations we drew from the following online presentations:

Join Tim Heuer and Craig Shoemaker to learn to build a simple quiz application using Model-View-ViewModel in Silverlight.

In addition to this material Ben has posted his reflective view of the training and Chris has posted his code samples as well…

Anyhow, I promised the code samples I used. So here they are: WP7 Training Source (183.67 kb)

However, the zip above doesn’t contain all of the ones I used. It contains the ones I wrote myself. The rest of the demos were Microsoft sample applications that can be downloaded here. And the application bar icons that I mentioned that Microsoft had made available to us devs are here.

Let me know if you are working on any launch apps for Windows Phone 7 in New Zealand and join the NZ LinkedIn group to stay in touch with other NZ devs working on launch projects.

image image image image

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