Calling Windows Phone 7 Developers in New Zealand


Are you committed to building applications for the new Windows Phone 7 platform? This session is for committed developers that want to get a jump on the market and produce some of the early showcase Windows Phone 7 applications.

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The development story for Windows Phone 7 (Silverlight and XNA) was announced at MIX10 in Las Vegas in March. This 5 1/2 hour event provides you with an opportunity to learn from trainers that were there. The event will cover what you need to know to be successful in developing Windows Phone 7 applications. It will cover APIs, workflow, the Metro design, back-end (Azure) cloud services and the new marketplace that will enable developers to get paid. If you are planning on releasing an application around launch later this year then this event will put you on the inside track.

Target Audience: Phone Developers
Level: 200 – 300


9.30am: Registrations/Refreshments

10-10:40 – Introduction & Overview of the WP7 Platform
10:45-11:05 – Workflow – Project setup / IDE
11:10-12:10 – WP7 Phone APIs
12:15 – 12:30 – BizSpark
12:35 – 12:55 – Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

1pm - 1.30pm: Lunch

1:30-2:10 – Windows Azure Back-end Services
2:15 – 2:55 – A Reflective look at mobile development in NZ
3:00 – 3:40 – UI/ Metro Design Language
3:45 - 4:00 – Q&A

Dates and Locations

Christchurch: 15 Jun 2010 - register
Christchurch Convention Centre: 95 Kilmore Street

Wellington: 16 Jun 2010 - register
Microsoft Wellington: Level 12, 157 Lambton Quay

Auckland: 17 Jun 2010 - register
Microsoft Auckland: Level 5, 22 Viaduct Harbour Ave

Although the training itself is free we do expect attendees to make a commitment to the platform and sign-up and pay for a $170 NZD developer account in the Windows Phone 7 marketplace.

Update: To be clear you can't currently sign-up for the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace as it hasn't launched yet. During the Distributing and Monetizing Windows Phone Applications and Games session at MIX10 we advised people to signup to the 6.5 Windows Mobile Marketplace and get transfered to the 7 marketplace when it launches. I have done myself (details in comments below). Signing up to the marketplace is not a pre-requisite to attending this training but we do expect that you look at sign-up once the Windows Phone 7 marketplace launches.

The number of places at the training events is limited and you won’t receive an acceptance straight away. Please allow a few days for us to confirm your place in the training.

Also please join the discussion at the New Zealand Windows Phone 7 Developers group on LinkedIn

To hit the ground running check out the  Videos of  Windows Phone 7 sessions from MIX10 and install the April refresh of the free Windows Phone 7 development tools.

Comments (4)

  1. Kevin Daly says:

    Hi Nigel,

    The "Register Now" button on produces a JavaScipt error.

    I've tried the atlernate route of going to, but I find I can't make head or tail of the US tax requirements. Would you be able to tell us what New Zealand developers need to provide? Also, should phone numbers be in international or local format?

    I'm sure some simple guidelines on the tax issue would be of great benefit to everybody trying to sign up from here.

    It *appears* I need to apply for a US tax number to avoid being taxed twice (which combined with GST would tax profits down to effectively nothing. Since that involves sending documentation through the mail and bureaucrats doing their thing that appears to allow no realistic chance of being signed up before all the places are gone.

    Also, given that it is not possible to use the Marketplace to sell WP7 apps at present because the OS and tools are unfinished and customers have no devices to buy apps for, you are asking us to pay $170 dollars for considerably less than 12 months of use – on current estimates about 6-9 months in fact. Whilr not wanting to distract from the important tax question (which I really need an answer to to continue) I'd have to say that to the casual observer that looks not unlike a ripoff.

  2. nparker says:

    Hi Kevin,

    First of all registering for the training, marketplace sign-up isn't a pre-requisite, so you can sign-up at a time that best suits you on device availability and access to launch. Bearing in mind that sending the tax forms to the US will take zome time to churn through the bureaucracy.

    Re: The Windows Phone 6.5 Marketplace sign-up process:

    1) Phone Numbers (local) unfortunately only land line #'s seems to be accepted (7 digits in 2nd box)

    2) Tax

    I'm working through this myself at the moment. Unfortunately each individual will need to request their own tax advice based on their own tax position.

    I am going to send off the IRS Form W-7 to apply for a Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN).

    Then I will send the W-8BEN form to Microsoft, the table mentions a tax aggreement between the US and NZ for copyright royalties (other) at a rate of %10.

    So my understanding of this (and it needs to be ratified) is that after the forms are in place the payout will go a bit like this.

    Say you earn $1000 USD in Microsoft selling your app

    Microsoft will pay out $700 USD

    10% will be held back in US tax

    $630 USD to be paid into your bank account.

    When you file your tax return you will need to account for overseas revenue and acknowledge the overseas tax paid %10.

    You will then need to pay tax on the "difference" between your own personal tax rate and the tax already withheld.

    3) This is another one that I ran into. When you add your bank account details in the marketplace the form requests a "routing Number" NZ banks don't have routing numbers or BSB (Bank State Branch) numbers so just enter 0000 in this field and it will work fine.

    Hope this helps, and I'll see you at the training.

  3. Ben Gracewood says:

    I'm not exactly sure how it panned out, but I remember going through the whole ITIN & W-8BEN rigmarole with the iTunes store. It eventuated that you could apply with a blank ITIN and everything worked fine, and no tax was deducted from payments.

    I can't recall the exact ruling, but my understanding was the app sales were considered as "products", and the royalties rate was there because the same application process was being used for iTunes music producers.

    I'll confirm and update when I find out.

  4. Peter Foot says:

    There is a double taxation relief treaty between the US and New Zealand which results in no withholding tax taken in the US, you'll then be subject to tax within New Zealand on the income received. Therefore you should receive the full 70% of the revenue (minus bank charges incurred to pay you from a US account which will vary).

    You do need to apply for an ITIN and then complete a W8-BEN form. I haven't personally signed up from New Zealand, but we have gone through the process from the UK. When you complete your W8-BEN you will need a reference to the specific Tax Treaty and Article. There is a table of these on the website.


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