IIS Media Services 4 – Changing the Game

The more I see of IIS Media Services 4 the more I observe the fundamental shift away from specialised and expense media servers to core services that run on top of any windows web server.

In this case change is good as it provides options to the growing number of people that want to create and broadcast video online.

Key Announcement #1:

IIS Media Services will support a version of PlayReady DRM to enable protected HTTP streaming. The PlayReady DRM IIS Media Services solution will deploy on a single box to secure your media assets for online streaming using the IIS Smooth Streaming (H.264/ VC-1) and PlayReady DRM technology, directly within IIS Media Services - no additional license fees or royalties required.

So what?

This “unlocks” a number of scenarios for content creators.

Playback is supported in Silverlight cross platform (Intel-based Mac with OS 10.4.8 or later, XP SP2 or above running NTFS file system)

Both Online (live/ progressive download) and Offline (onetime purchase, rental/ time bombed, or subscription)scenarios are supported.

Two services that are using this already are:

Netflix Watch Instantly – online DVD rental service

Zune browser based music subscription service


Key Announcement #2:

Transform Manager, a server-side transformation engine that streamlines production workflow by enabling scenarios like encode once and simultaneously deliver multiple formats. For example with Transform Manager, you could simultaneously deliver the IIS Smooth Streaming format for Silverlight clients, and Apple’s HTTP streaming format for iPhones and iPads.

This means that using software on the server you can do live smooth streaming that targets multiple delivery platforms from mobile to cross platform desktop & web.

I have previously written about the Silverlight Media Framework 2.0 and the Silverlight Rough Cut Editor.

We have launch a new site describing the Innovative Frameworks:

Access the latest open source technology from Microsoft which will enable the creation, enhancement and management of digital content and services for the media and entertainment industry.


If you are running a subscription based media business or you are an agile content creator I recommend getting to know this technology.

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