All Hail The Gu

This afternoon I found myself kicking around in Vegas after MIX waiting for a flight to San Francisco. I was looking through the photos from MIX10 and thought it appropriate to have a little fun.

Since Scott Guthrie embodied this years MIX event I thought I’d turn the Gu into the poster child for the event (literally). Check it out!



The mosaic was made from the 416 photos on flickr and turned into a 2.8 GP image. You can zoom in using the mouse wheel or a single click. Double clicking on an image tile inside the mosaic will load it up in flickr inside a new window.

I built a similar mosaic for the Webstock conference in Wellington last month.

If you are wondering how I made it check out my previous post on how it was done. For this example I have hosted my image tiles and Silverlight application on Windows Azure.

Comments (1)

  1. andrew says:

    Should we be concerned that Scott Guthrie looks exactly like David Bain?  😉

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