Experience Webstock Behind the Scenes @ Workit.co.nz

If you aren’t lucky enough to be down in Wellington for the awesome Webstock conference this week you can still experience Webstock behind the scenes at http://workit.co.nz

I recommend for a start to take a look at http://bit.ly/AdamGreenfield’s awesome walking workshop from yesterday on Systems/Layers: Understanding urban space in an era of networked informatics.

The conference officially kicks off @ 9am so stay tuned for more connect over the next couple of days.

On a technical note I build the site to take advantage of Silverlight for navigation if it is installed and I chose to fall back to AJAX based YouTube video bar for everyone else. Unfortunately it appears that Google has been very slow to index my videos overnight & only 2 are indexed so far, hopefully this will be indexed soon. It appears the search filter issue has been around for some time.

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