FTW IE6, IE7, IE8, Chrome and Firefox running together on Windows 7 in Windows XP Mode


When you buy Windows 7 (pro or ultimate) you get Windows XP "virtualized" for free.

What this means that if you are web developer you can finally have IE6, IE7, IE8 all running alongside each other as hardware supported virtual applications.

Take a trip to the Virtual PC site to read the hardware requirements and install Virtual XP Mode.

Check out the quick screen cast that I made to show how all the bits work together.

Donavon West has also done a good blog post on how to get this setup.

To aid with XP Mode we have recently launched http://protectmypc.co.nz a new website that provides more details of our new security offerings including the new free Microsoft Security Essentials that guards you against viruses, spyware and other malicious software on your virtual image.

Use this along with the free version of Expression SuperPreview or fork out the small upgrade price to Expression Web 3 and you get the the full version of SuperPreview, Expression Encoder 3, Screen Capture and Expression Design 3 thrown in as well.

Remember also to check out Giorgio’s MSDN Unplugged video on IE8 developer tools, it has already had an amazing 25,000 views!

Comments (3)

  1. LeRoy Lee says:

    What is the benefit of virtualizing firefox and chrome as oppose to running them native?

  2. nparker says:

    There is two reasons that I prefer FF and Chrome virtualized.

    1) I run the latest alpha versions of these browsers that often have stability / security problems ( http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/02/04/firefox_3_0_6_javascript_bug_fix/ ) so if the browser is attacked it only gets the VM and not the host machine.

    2) I avoid having the "Google Updater" service running all the time on my host machine… it is very difficult to remove Google Updater service details at http://www.freewarenation.com/?p=155

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