MIX09 Day 1 Keynote

I woke up super early this morning and watched the MIX keynote live (Here are my live tweets). I must say even though I knew a lot of what was coming it was great to see it all presented together.

You can watch the keynote on demand below (the download links aren’t live just yet).

Tim Sneath has the best live blog of the keynote that I can find so why re-invent the wheel I say!

Tim Heuer has also blogged A guide to Silverlight 3 new features

Ben Waggoner has blogged: Silverlight 3 Beta - What's New for Media

The Big News Tickets for me so far are:

SketchFlow demo during MIX09 Keynote

Press Release

Microsoft Web Technologies Unveiled at MIX09 Help Businesses Deliver Return on Experience

White Paper

Windows Azure White Paper

Fact Sheets

Silverlight 3 Beta Fact Sheet

Azure Services Platform

Windows Azure Fact Sheet

Quote Sheet

Silverlight Customer Reference and Quote Sheet

Comments (4)

  1. Bolik says:

    Introducing Web Friendly Feeds aka Friendly Feeds Parallel Index Creation performance issue Integration

  2. Bolik says:


  3. As promised here is the MIX09 Keynote video that I showed at the Auckland Web Meetup MIX09 from Nigel

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